....is the Artist’s home in the centre of the City of York.

Built on the site of the storerooms of the Roman Pretorium in York the present building dates from 1750 with foundations, probably created with the Roman stones, going back to the 1400’s. Built over five floors, with one room  on each and a spiral staircase with 57 stairs from   top to bottom.  It was called ‘The Lighthouse’ by residents long before I came to live here in 1977 and began to draw my inspiration from the sea.

A permanent exhibition of work can be seen on the staircase gallery at ‘The Lighthouse’. Visitors are welcome, but please check  before you come to avoid disappointment

The staircase gallery

The staircase gallery

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Current Exhibition:

  1. Bullet   Treasures of Darkness, Pyramid Gallery 2017

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The studio  is on the second floor with a spectacular view over the medieval roof-scape and along  Stonegate.