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The Imagery

Full of atmosphere and mystery, here you will find echoes of 'the sublime' of the Romantic Artists with their love of turbulent nature.  All of this stemming from the artist's passion for the sea, her 'idee fix', a love of wild places, creation and The Creator.

Inspiration is taken from painting trips to the west coast of Scotland and its far flung Hebridean Islands and nearer home, Lindisfarne and The Yorkshire Dales. 

Though created in the studio. rather than on location, (from a collection of some 20 sketch books)  the paintings and prints are   non   the    less  evocative,

retaining  a great sense of ‘place'.

A background of Theatre Design has resulted in a flexible approach to the work. Years spent looking for the right mood, interpretation, style and concept behind the writing of a play, has enabled a freedom to change and push the boundaries. Always moving on and seeking for the best style and medium with which to express ideas, has resulted in a diverse mix.

About The Paintings

Strong dynamic paintings in various styles. From pure loose water-colour impressions to
more figurative images, with the addition of pen, ink and gouache, through to abstracts in mixed media and a small selection of oils and acrylics.

About The Prints


2004 saw yet another challenge for the artist. Five years studying printmaking, etching in it’s various forms, lino prints, collagraphs and  mono-prints. A veritable ‘sea change.  This has resulted in a wide range of limited edition, hand crafted,
hand printed,  artists prints in differing disciplines. Subjects range from sea and landscapes, to wild-life,  interiors and abstracts.   Not only has this enabled a fresh look at past sketchbooks and a reinterpretation of them, but some forms of printmaking by their very nature, such as collagraphs, inspired abstraction.